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Current Project

GILDED LIES is about John Beechum, a famous actor with an abnormal ability who protects his reputation above all elseā€”even his boyfriend, but when they both have visions of a girl trapped by DNA harvesters, John will have to own up to his past and risk his future.

Plan With Me

Learning to plan quarterly showed me what being a productive writer really means. Let's play with planners together!

Self Care for Writers

When you're a full time writer who works from home it's hard to know when to stop. Self-care needs to be a priority. Take some time for yourself and join me in learning how to do the same.

Lin Lustig

This feisty writers is known for her absurd humor on twitter via the #WriteFightGifClub (@Lin_Lustig), her persistence, and her sassy self-confidence.

After attending her first RWA national conference, Lin found her tribe among other romance writers, especially those in paranormal. Now she's determined to become a badass romance writer who challenges pre-existing assumptions and convinces everyone that, in the words of Suzanne Brockmann, love is love is love is love.

Part Disney villain, part empathetic heroine, Lin creates worlds full of magic, love, and a balance anyone of neutral alignment can appreciate.


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