2019 Q3 Review



At my bi-quarterly meeting (the BiQ), my fellow productivity & writing pro and I reviewed 2019 quarter three and prepared for quarter four. I can't believe we're almost though the year!


What Worked

  • Cleaned up Gilded Lies draft for pitching at the RWA National Conference
  • Completed pitches, synopsis, and query
  • Attended RWA19 in NYC
  • Submitted query requests
  • Submitted to first RWA contest
  • Wrote a new short story
  • Finished plotting and development for Copper Wrath
  • Completed Copper Wrath first draft
  • Started new fanfiction fun project
  • Joined local RWA chapter
  • Attended first chapter meeting
  • Attended Instagram class and updated my Instagram
  • Read Debra Dixon's Goal, Motivation, and Conflict
  • Completed GMC charts for all major characters in the Frequency Series

Where to Improve

  • Account for mental health days
  • Leave more time for family interruptions
  • Make reading a priority
  • Avoid overloading new content projects
  • Break down projects into smaller tasks
  • Find different (possible electronic) kanban system
  • Change sprints from 25 minutes to 30
  • Track progress in planner
  • Update planner system (passion planner?)
  • Find more artistic outlets
  • More realistic deadlines
  • Remember adulting is necessary, too
  • Track social media posts and followers
  • Batch social media posts

I'm feeling rather proud of myself! These were all fabulous advances towards my goals with minimal setbacks. I aimed a bit high on what I thought I'd be able to accomplish, but I'm still miles ahead of where I was only three short months ago. Check in with your goals and let me know how the quarter went for you!