2019 Q4 Review


The forth quarter of 2019 was a beautiful clusterf*@k. Basically, I rocked NaNoWriMo, and was completely thrown off by the holidays. Preptober was decent enough, but let's pretend that December didn't happen. Better yet, let's pretend I was just too drunk to remember it. Yes, that's better.


What worked:

  • Basic 40 scene cards for next book.
  • Did character development GMC charts
  • Had a Plot and Paint creative social event
  • Attended ECWC and met with amazing ladies.
  • Completed final read through of book one.
  • Sent book one off to my editor.
  • Completed book 3 outline.
  • Destroyed NaNoWriMo with 111k total written.
  • Completed book 3 first draft.
  • Applied for a job writing for a game company.

What didn't work:

  • Burn out from NaNoWriMo
  • Over-scheduling the holidays.
  • Didn't read through book two.
  • Not enough rest and recovery.
  • Fell behind on therapy and self-care.
  • Decade end review.
  • Epic birthday plan.
  • Way too much stress eating!
  • Damn you xmas cookies.