2020 Q1 Review


2020, the year of awesome.

Bahahahahha. Right. Nice try my hopeful January self. Not that 2020 is doomed, and my productivity is still within my control, but it certainly didn't go how I'd envisioned for the first quarter.


What Went Wrong

Covid19 anyone? Yeesh. Horrible pandemic aside, I:

  • Fell behind on editing book one
  • Still haven't figured out how to best batch content my work
  • Over scheduled myself
  • Subsequently ignored my schedule
  • Totally forgot some side projects still in progress

What Went Well

  • Sent in my rewrite of book one to my editor
  • Received positive notes back from editor
  • Read and re-outlined book two
  • Posted a couple ongoing chapter of a fanfic
  • Dived in to a self-publishing course
  • Overcame my fear of marketing
  • Learned how to stop working in the evening
  • Learned how to stop working on the weekends
  • Adapted to quarantine changes
  • Pushed ahead on goals despite the pandemic

Final Thoughts

Honestly the first quarter was reasonable for productivity, but hard on emotions and mental capacity. I had to step back from a lot of news and focus in on my goals to keep moving forward. It was an interesting adjustment to working from home with my husband, but all in all we've fared a lot better than most.

Here's a hope to reaching more goals in quarter two with a healthier population ready to get outside again.