2020 Q2 Review

Gilded Lies FC RGB
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Well. Nothing about this quarter went as expected in the greater world, BUT I did release the cover to my X-Men meets Sense8, romantic LGBT sci-fi, GILDED LIES.

It's my debut.

I'm not freaking out. You're freaking out.

What Worked

  • Book cover synchronized release! I called in every favor I had to help me reveal the book cover in a big party. It was so cool (and a little exhausting)
  • I did a first pass rewrite to book two: Copper Wrath (basically my version of a first edit)
  • I learned more about sending newsletters and started really having fun with them
  • I completed a big step on a super secret project!
  • I finished the final chapter of fanfic that I needed to get off my plate!
  • I formatted GILDED LIES for both paperback and ebook
  • Created all kinds of little extras like an ARC sign up form, a first newsletter swap, and a bit of content marketing via a short story titled HEART OF THE MATTER where planets live, breathe, and love?
  • I set up the preorder for Gilded Lies!
  • I dove into writing characters of color in a sensitive and intelligent manner
  • I challenged my internal biases and began researching systematic racism
  • Basically a lot of little things, but it all adds up!

What Didn't Work

  • THE. WORLD. WTF 2020!?
  • Didn't make as much progress as I wanted on book 3
  • I didn't write a second short story as planned
  • I still haven't figured out how to create and utilize a street team
  • I screwed up my preorder on Google Play! Whoops.
  • I had to suddenly pivot on how I was portraying some characters of color
  • Had to delay the next steps on super secret project
  • My terror in publishing my first book has only grown
  • Mental health has deteriorated in the wake of BLM and the pandemic
  • I fell behind on my therapy
  • I struggled to find hobbies/down time outside of work
  • I came dangerously close to burn out