Character Profile


Name: Lin Lustig

Hair Color: Purple (originally light brown)

Height: 5' 7"

Eye Color: Tree-ring brown

Appearance notes: Curvy and fit, but with a soft cuddly coating.

Style notes: Eclectic with lots of purple, gray, and black. Minimal jewelry and makeup.

Tattoos: Colorful mandalas on thigh. Chakra rainbow up left side. Hidden white Mickey on hand. All in color, no black ink. All on left side.

External Goal: Best-selling author.

Internal Goal: To be celebrated for my authentic self.

External Motivator: Paychecks.

Internal Motivator: Connect with others misfits like me.

Obsessions: TV series (Sailor Moon, Lucifer, Fruits Basket, Buffy, The Last Airbender), book series (Charley Davidson, Mercy Thompson, Carry On, Cat and Bones, Harry Potter), tea, bunnies, productivity, hygge living, magic, #loveislove.


Character Arc Notes

Beginning: Sheltered and kind, Lin grew up seeing magic in everything around her. She'd play outside for hours singing songs about the wonders she saw.

Middle: After graduating college, Lin married and traveled the country, but a severe car crash left her riddled with PTSD and what was once a sense of wonder turned to terror.

End(?): Years of healing have left Lin ready to battle any force that threatens her sense of magic and wonder. To protect the sparks of light she's found, she's not afraid to whip out her wicked laugh and crush her enemies. However, her Hufflepuff nature has manifested in a shield of kindness, and it is only in dire moments that the Evil Queen emerges.

Hobbies and Quirks

Lin is a nerdy storyteller to the core. She originally trained in film production, then studied writing when life led her away from Hollywood. She fell in love with love, and writes magical stories of falling in love to the backdrop of world-altering plots. Her struggle to balance the light and dark within her has given her a sharp appreciation of morally gray characters and redeemable villains.

You can find Lin relaxing in the form of Netflix binges (mostly TV and romantic anime series), listening to audio books while organizing the house, outlining her dreams with pens, washi tape, and planners, or even snuggling up with one or two POTS of tea while crocheting.

She sees no reason people can't be both selfish and kind, and is working to be both.

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Photo by Kristi Wallace Morris