About Lin

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Lin Lustig lives in the Pacific Northwest with a gamer husband, a bird with the squawk of murder, and two bunnies who refuse to snuggle. Her love of Disney villains has made her a tenacious, heroic villain, supporting reader well-being through worlds of fierce love, magical adventures, and overdue reveling.

Lin started writing as her *wild* teenage rebellion. Frustrated with a lack of books that fit her desire for fantasy, romance, and adventure, Lin started writing her own nonsense—and nonsense it was for many, many years.

When rebellious hobby turned into a lasting passion, Lin had to achieve revenge success and lord her work over the nay-sayers. Now that both rebellion and revenge are behind her, she writes to enchant readers everywhere.

It's important to keep in mind that Lin is also a relentless goofball. She prefers glossing over life with a shine of silliness rather than letting the dark corners win. Escaping into fictional worlds has helped Lin manage both the pandemic and the increased pressure on her mental health thanks to the pandemic, and she hopes her stories help her readers as well.

When she's not writing, Lin pretends she can do other things like design her own book covers or take over the world. So far she's been unsuccessful at both, so she falls back on puzzles and TV binges.

Finally, Lin embraces her nerdy nature and invites everyone else to do so as well. Sign up for Lin's newsletter for bi-monthly updates on whatever oddball thoughts have popped up—as well as behind the scenes author life, series extras, and giveaways!

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