About Lin

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Lin Lustig now lives in Luxembourg after a whirlwind move that flipped her life like a pancake. Now surrounded by castles (metaphorically, she can't see them from the window or anything), a language she has yet to understand (French), and a new world order (what is this 'healthcare' thing?) she is redfining what it means to be an author.

Lin started writing as her *wild* teenage rebellion. Frustrated with a lack of books that fit her desire for fantasy, romance, and adventure, Lin started writing her own nonsense—and nonsense it was for many, many years.

When the rebellious hobby turned into a lasting passion, Lin had to achieve revenge success and lord her work over the nay-sayers. Now that both rebellion and revenge are behind her, she writes to enchant readers everywhere. Her love of tenacious Disney villains inspired her heroic villainry, supporting reader well-being through worlds of fierce love, magical adventures, and overdue reveling.

Lin is also a relentless goofball. She prefers glossing over life with a shine of silliness rather than letting the dark corners win. Escaping into fictional worlds has helped Lin manage various mental health struggles (hey anxiety, what's up? Depression, how you been?) she hopes her stories help her readers overcome difficult times as well.

When she's not writing, Lin pretends she can do other things like design her own book covers or take over the world. So far she's been unsuccessful at both, so she falls back on art, puzzles, and TV binges. Fun fact, Lin used to crochet amigurumi and was damn decent at it (ask her about her crochet baby Bender from Futurama). She's explored many art forms from throwing pots, drawing, painting, planner life with stickers and washi tape galore, and even professional organizing.

Finally, Lin embraces her nerdy nature and invites everyone else to do so as well. The many fandoms of popcultre give her exciting obsessions that, occasionally, leak into her books (The Frequency Series is basically queer X-Men).

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Q&A: What do you do for fun?

Binge excellent stories! This is my favorite thing in the world, but it’s hard to find the perfect stories that capture my attention like a dog with a ball.
Examples of excellent ones: The Good Place, Lucifer, Avatar the Last Airbender, Sailor Moon, The Dragon Prince, Star Wars, Carry On, Futurama, Sense8, Practical Magic… you get the idea.

Write! This one isn’t a surprise as I’ve taken my passion into the start of a career. Dreaming up my own excellent stories has been a place of comfort for several years now. There’s nothing like escaping into a rich mental world and then watching it become real.

Games! I’ve developed respect and intrigue for complex board games (such as On Mars, Beyond the Sun, and even Dune Imperium). I’m not a brilliant strategist, but I’m learning and the challenge is addicting. Other games also enchant me, such as puzzles (do puzzles count as a game?) and Scrabble.

Create! As an artistic person, I find my joy is highest whenever I create something, whether it be a beautiful planner page to keep me on track for the week, or a crocheted blanket. Making something to put into the world sparks joy, and there’s nothing greater than that.

Now that Lin's life looks incredibly different, she's exploring new ways to follow her dreams of authordom, and slowed her roll thanks to dedicating much brainspace to learning French. As she adapts to her new life, she hopes to increase her creative output, but for now, she'll go with the flow and see where Europe takes her.