Black Lives Matter

I spent the weekend steeped in some of the most uncomfortable exploration of racism and antiracism studies I’ve ever done—as well as debating my social media balance of speaking up without drowning out the voices that need to be heard while performing unnecessarily for an emotionally charged audience. 

My gut-level takeaway on reading and watching racism in action was someone should have f*@king taught this to us in school at every age and every level. My high-level takeaway was that I have been perpetuating the problem by not taking agency over my own education. As for speaking up, I believe it is stronger than staying silent, AKA endorsing the racist system that I have benefited from. 

But overall, I have much to learn. White friends: don’t settle. Make yourself uncomfortable! That’s how we change.

I’m especially excited to borrow Stamped from the library, as well as a few other books by AOC for fun (like You Should See Me in a Crown and The Sound of Stars).

My journey to actionable change continues.


As a part of this weekend’s internal exploration, I had to realize that I can’t stop my career because of an emotional response to my mistakes. I will make a LOT of mistakes from my internalized biases, but I will also learn from them and keep pushing to be better. You’ll get to see posts on the work I’m doing both as a person and as an author, and hopefully you’ll get to watch me grow (most immediate updates will be on Instagram). Gilded Lies—my X-Men(ish) sci-fi about defying expectations is available for preorder. Check on the link, but also check out a book from an AOC to support them, too!