Copper Wrath is out!

Copper Wrath art ittybitty

Happy book birthday to Copper Wrath!

This book has been an emotional ride. I went through the standard author stages of "this is amazing!" to "this is utter trash, who let me be a writer?" and back to "huh, this isn't so bad." Then I hit the crushing doubt of "what if it's not good enough?" Adding the insanity of a second book release in the middle of a pandemic has come with it's own challenges, but I made it!

For years I sat in the quagmire of doubt, never sure when the right time was to publish. I'd taken other books through the full editing and submission process, but they never felt right. I'm not sure book one, Gilded Lies, felt that way either, but it was far past time that I take the plunge.

Did you ever throw pottery in school? (Stay with me, I have a point.) I took an art class where we got all muddied up and forced a hunk of clay into some kind of circular shape, but the trick was knowing when to stop. There was never perfection and if you went too far the whole thing would collapse. I think about that often with my life. As a perfectionist is was an amazing lesson—and I encourage any writer to get their hands dirty and learn to recognize when it's time to accept the shape of things and let it test the fires of finality.

That sounded far more philosophical than I expected.

Back to the point: This book pleases me. It has the right combination of action, humor, and love with amazing heroines out to save the day.

And now I'm off to work on book three 😉