Dispelled Lineage

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When Reese's overprotective father only lets her see the world on his terms, he slips her into a job at his competitor's company, where she and her new smokin' boss share an undeniable chemistry. Reese will have to break free of her father's hold and chase both her career and her heart—except her unusual ability to read trauma complicates things.

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2mb Worth Melting For

Lana's ability to see probabilities meant she knew her husband was leaving, but she didn't expect him to screw her over, forcing her into debt with her devious father. Now, working on a case against her will, the sexy woman opposing Lana is literally an unpredictable conundrum—one she can't stop thinking about.

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When Aaron seeks solace for his past sins, he finds the perfect professional dominatrix to ease his pain, until they both cross personal boundaries neither are ready for. Their developing trust makes Aaron realize how much he needs his sisters and how shattered their family has become thanks to their father. If Aaron doesn't betray their dad and confess to his sisters the truth behind his cruelty, none of them will find a happy ending.

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Bo had no idea how far he'd pushed his children nor how far he'd fallen, and he must somehow make amends. When the lost love of his life returns, they need Reese, Lana, and Aaron's help, because Bo's lover isn't from this world, and her unearthly father will wipe the whole family out for their forbidden entanglement.

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