It really does help! Reviews tell the algorithms on Amazon and other vendor stores that the book is worth being seen. They're also a delight to read and help me make sure I'm delivering the kind of content you want to read!

You don't have to write a ton! A two word review is just as helpful as a two paragraph review. Toss up some stars with "I loved it" or things like "bitchin" and you've made my day.

What if you don't like the book? Don't sweat it! Art is subjective, and I'm never going to please everyone. But if you still want to help, check out some of the options below that help share availability to other readers.


Request Gilded Lies at Your Library!

Make GILDED LIES available to as many interested readers as possible. As a regular connoisseur of library ebooks, I can attest to how amazing it can be to find the books you want at the cost of a short wait. Better yet, if it ends up being a book I LOVE, I inevitably head out and buy it.



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And of course, word of mouth is priceless. Encourage your friends to read GILDED LIES (and future books) if it satisfies your mighty need for good stories.


Email Me Suggestions!

Did you read an author who's writing is similar to my style? A story line that has some of the same elements? What about a character that could be a twin to one of mine? I want to know!

Having a list of comparison titles and authors is exceptionally helpful in finding more readers who might like my work!

Send your suggestions to Lin(at)linlustig.com



Become an ARC Reader!

ARC, or Advances Reader Copy, means you get to read the book for FREE before anyone else in exchange for an honest review on Amazon/Kobo/Goodreads/etc.

Interested? Email me at lin@linlustig.com

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We're amassing a community to gush over the #FrequencySeries world, abilities, and characters: Licia—the baddest ass, John—flawed and real, Emerson—kindhearted and patient, and Tarrah—mysterious and powerful.

We'll join together with exclusive peeks at future books, Q&A's, silly challenges with prizes like choosing the name of a character!

Right now we're small, but we're growing, and I have plans to make it a fun, loving, and GEEKY community.


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