How to Support Lin

Voila! Here are the easiest ways to support Lin:

  • First step, visit the store!!
  • Grab an item from her store! You can "pay" for a free item if you'd like to donate one time, or there's a subscription option for the love of Lin's art and nothing more.
  • Buy a book! You get to enjoy a great story and I get to impact the world.
  • Share the word! Talk about the books or me to your friends. Make recommendations. Spread the joy!

No matter what you choose or how you show your support, thank you. Artists of all kinds need art lovers of all kinds more than anything.

  • Also, write a review! Need some inspiration? Try out a review Madlib for funsies. Here are the prompts:

Your List

1. One of my book titles (Gilded Lies, Untangled, Our Ship Must Sail or any other).

2. verb-ed

3. noun

4. noun

5. adjective

6. verb-ed

7. emotion-ed

8. noun

9. number

10. verb-ing

11. verb

12. adverb

13. emotion

14. verb-ing

15. noun

Got your words? Go HERE and enjoy.