My 2020

Well 2020, it's been interesting.

I think it's safe to say nothing went as planned this year, but I'm in a really lucky, privileged situation where I've been able to ride out the pandemic relatively unscathed. My family members that got Covid recovered, and although there was loss in my family, it was not unexpected.

Here is a look back at my 2020.

Achievement Unlocked: Published Author

This was the only thing I needed to happen this year. Everything else could shift and get canceled, but not this. After ten years of writing manuscript after manuscript (and in some cases rewriting the same manuscript five times from a blank page one) it was time to take the next step.

Like a lot of creatives, I thought about quitting. I made a deal with myself that if I finished and published the Frequency Series, then I could "retire" knowing I at least did that much. Happily, learning all about publishing, marketing, and managing a career as an author helped reinvigorate my dreams of doing this long term. It's stressful, disheartening, and terrifying, but also every bit as rewarding as I ever imagined.

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Level Up: Planner Pro

My productivity obsession led me to experiment with several different planner styles. I needed task lists, daily flexibility, and goal tracking and the Passion Planner is nearly ideal.

Aimed at tracking yearly goals both monthly and weekly, I appreciated their approach to staying on track. It's not quite perfect for my work, but it's darn close. I might try the HB90 planner at some point, but for now I'm relatively pleased.


There were a lot of missed events this year, a lot of friends and family that were waved to at a distance, and a lot more me time. I learned to make bibimbap and ramen (I have yet to perfect either, but they are still good). I worked outside in the garden, I did yoga in the yard, I spent hours and hours on video chats.

I lost my remaining grandparent. I wasn't able to help my dad after an injury. I couldn't see my little niece. I learned about my internalized racism and implicit biases (both of which require ongoing work).

I'm an introvert, so I know this year was easier on me than most. My husband's job was able to go remote, and so I was able to keep writing and pushing for my dreams. It's not fair, but I'm grateful, and I hope 2021 brings relief to those who desperately need it.

I'm glad to say goodbye 2020. It's been way too real.