Gilded Lies

★★★★★ “By the end, I had chills, and I can't wait for the next book of the series.”

Tantalize. Taste. Suck. Such misleading powers...

Hiding his supernatural sex appeal, actor John Beechum aims to recapture the spotlight, but when he and his secret boyfriend share unprecedented visions, they know a fellow ability-wielding Abnormal is undergoing experimentation. To get them free, they’ll need John’s reckless and powerful ex-girlfriend on their side.

Having empathic abilities doesn’t make Licia a hero. With her murderously protective streak over Abnormals, and resentment towards ex-boyfriend John for keeping secrets about a corporation experimenting on their kind, she’s willing to do monstrous things to defend their own—even if it means admitting her pesky, lingering feelings.

The three of them must work together—if they can survive their ability-laden love triangle first. Good thing John knows how to act like a normal, no-ability straight guy who's totally not losing his shit. If he’s not careful he’ll have to come out of the closet in more ways than one to save their kind and rescue his love life—that is if his lovers can forgive his face-saving gilded lies.

heart of the matter

Heart of the Matter

Free Short Story

On a distant planet, an explorer falls in love with an unexpected presence while searching for the key to saving Earth, but time is running out and she must choose to save either her lover's world or her own.

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