Gilded Lies

In Editing.

An X-Men meets Sense8 Romantic Contemporary Sci-fi.

An actor, a murderer, and a bodyguard—all with supernatural abilities—must cooperate to free one of their own from an ability-harvesting corporation. If only the actor hadn’t dated them both... or inadvertently founded the corporation. He’ll have to come out of the closet in more ways than one to redeem himself and rescue his love life.

Book one in the Frequency Series.


Copper Wrath

First Draft Complete. Awaiting editing.

Book two in the Frequency Series.

mermaid small

Bronzed Shame

First Draft Complete. Resting.

Book three in the Frequency Series.


Ashes Trilogy

Shelved. Awaiting Rewrite.

A girl touched by the fire elemental falls in love with the dangerous son of wind, except she refuses her rightful place as the next elemental, throwing off the balance and tearing her world—and them—apart.



Silver Webs


Prequel to the Frequency Series.