Release Day!

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It's finally here!

Weirdly, I didn't expect to be this excited. I anticipated the sheer panic, the omg-people-are-going-to-read-this-thing-that-was-previously-safe-in-my-head thing, and even the oh-shit-I've-forgotten-something hook that immediately pulled me out of anything else I was attempting to do. Even the pure exhaustion and a full Sunday of doing nothing but sleep didn't surprise me. But this thrill? The wondrous goosebumps? Nowhere in my expectations.

I feared my high crafy expectations were impossible to achieve (the fact that none of my previous eight books were close enough to my ideal to publish should say something), but this right now is everything I could have wanted. Sure, there's not a big party or anyone else as excited as I am, but I've never appreciated the effort a debut takes until this moment. If you're another author reading this, hot damn you brave and tenacious soul.

This has been a crazy ride, and I'm so thankful to everyone who has made it an uplifting adventure. So many of you have sung praises, celebrated my milestones, and shared this beautiful cover. Now go jump in and give it a read. If you do, review it on Amazon, Goodreads, or Bookbub! (If you want.)

Now on to book two.

Shit. 😂

Be heroic. Be Villainous. Be you.💜


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