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There Be Pirates Ahead

Sapphic fantasy meets Our Flag Means Death 

If you've ever wanted an Our Flag Means Death meets Legends and Lattes, I have the (upcoming) book for you.

Je vous présente, OUR SHIP MUST SAIL!

Naïve PITH runs away from her Cinderella-esque life to join the world of magical piracy, but her bumbling plundering draws the attention of BLACKBRAID, the most fearsome, deadly pirate of the skies. A maybe-more-than friendship sparks, but Blackbraid's ex—the cunning Pirate Dame—will douse their flames as she hunts to reclaim her favorite Blackbraid-shaped plaything.

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Chosen to Die

RWBY meets every CHOSEN ONE trope ever!

Vala has been Chosen. Hundreds of individuals old and new are Chosen every year for society's largest (and smallest) tasks by the psychic head of state, but for Vala—a young woman—to be selected as the next Chosen to face the greatest villain in a century is unprecedented. She expects to follow her many predecessor's footsteps to the grave, and since her only ability is healing, so does everyone else.

I'm so excited to share a what Elora and Vala get up to in their grumpy-sunshine, magical age-gap, slow-burn, sapphic adventure!