The Chosen One Dies


A fantasy adventure with a slow burn romance. PG13.


Chosen Ones are replaceable.

Elora is a feared villain in her region, accused of starting a war that ruined the world's magic, but the controversy gained her devoted fans. Supported or not, Elora's hunted by Chosen Ones, and their pursuit leaves her alive without living. To escape the endless game, she'll publicly fake her death, but she needs her next Chosen to make it happen.

Vala's power is so weak she's lucky to heal, but when guards arrive to announce she's a Chosen, her future brightens—until they declare she's on a path to end the region's most deadly enemy. There's no escape from her duty and when her family's freedom depends on her success, Vala must pass her training to assure their safety—if she can stop panicking over her doomed destiny first.

Elora infiltrates the official training system in disguise, but her new Chosen's power is a joke. There's no way Vala will make a spectacle convincing enough for Elora's false demise, but the more Elora invests in her training, the more she enjoys corrupting—and encouraging—Vala. Until Elora's followers target and attack them both. If Vala dies, Elora must return to the life slowly killing her, but if her identity publicly leaks, she'll face execution. They'll have to work together, but if Vala finds out who her instructor really is, will she help... or hunt?

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